Our Team

Dr. Jennifer McCracken

Back in 1999, Jennifer decided that she wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine with aspirations of one day being her own boss and she moved from Calgary to Manning to save money to pursue her goals. She became a permanent resident of Manning when she married into the community and decided to raise a family here with her husband Todd. She realized her dream in January 2015 when she opened up the Manning Veterinary Clinic. She chose to take the leap to practice ownership because there was a need for veterinary services in Manning and the surrounding communities. Furthermore, practicing out of Manning has allowed her to be more available for her family and community involvement.

Why veterinary medicine you ask? Dr. McCracken has always loved animals and had an interest in health care so a career in veterinary medicine only seemed natural. Jennifer says the best part of her job, besides the interactions with the owner’s of her patients, is knowing that she has made a difference in the quality of life of an animal. Whether it be through making the proper diagnosis and providing treatment or to know that she has done her part to prevent an illness, she loves being able to help many animals feel more comfortable.

Jennifer started off her education at the Grande Prairie Regional College for 2.5 years. She moved to Edmonton to attend the University of Alberta for a year after that. She then went on to graduate from the four year Doctor or Veterinary Medicine program at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009.

As a mixed animal veterinarian, Dr. McCracken works mainly on dogs, cats, horses and cattle. She is always up to the challenge to work on any species that comes into the practice. Her favorite animal to work on are dogs because 90% of the time they are happy to see her. There is nothing better than a litter of puppies breaking up the appointments during the day, except of course, a litter of kittens. She also really enjoys visiting with producers when out of farm calls. She says there is something so relaxing about shooting the breeze with the local farmers while working on cattle and that it doesn’t even feel like work!

Jennifer and her husband Todd live east of town on a farm with their two children – Kendall and Kade. They have 2 cats named Benny, Albert, and 2 dogs named Major and Bear. They also have over 30 horses on farm as her husband Todd races thoroughbred chuckwagons on the WCA circuit which fills their family’s summer schedule. The McCracken family farm cares for cattle, horses, goats, donkeys, pigs, and a llama named Bruce.


Heather Bundschuh, RVT

Heather grew up in the small town of Christina Lake, BC where she had chickens, a steer or two for beef, and ponies and horses. She had plenty of opportunities which she took advantage of to ride the horses in the beautiful trails and forests around her.

Heather graduated from Kelowna Senior Secondary, in Kelowna, BC, then went to Fairview College in Alberta to complete the Animal Technology Program. She has since then worked in a variety of Veterinary clinics through-out BC and Alberta, with the most recent 10 years having been in the Calgary area.

When she is not at the clinic, Heather spends time with her 4 cats and 2 miniature horses. With the 2 miniature horses, she has trained them to drive for pleasure.



Lindsay Griffin, Client Care Specialist

Lindsay comes to us from Grande Prairie, Alberta where she was born and raised. New to Manning, she moved here in 2021 to take her new position with us as a Veterinary Technician’s Assistant and to join her boyfriend, Ross. She has one cat named Ozzy, and has plans for more canine pets in the near future.

With a love of singing, Lindsay spent a lot of her youth travelling far and wide to perform with her choir, though these days you can often find her singing along while doing her laundry! She is passionate about all things fluffy and scaley, and is thrilled to finally be in a field where she can work and be around animals everyday. In her down-time, you can usually find her playing video games and hanging out with Ross and Ozzy.


Thaney Lupichuk, Office Administrator/Director of Public Contact

Thaney is a small-town, rural girl at heart, with a great love for animals of all kinds. Since she was 5 years old, she has been telling her family and anyone who would listen that she was going to be a “farmer” when she grew up, and now that she is in her 30’s, that dream has finally come to fruition with the family’s recent purchase of a 160 acre farm in Dixonville, AB.

Thaney has been involved with and around animals since day one. What started with a severe cow’s milk allergy led to the purchase of milk goats, which led to 4H with the goats and then sheep, which then led to horses and riding in dressage and western pleasure shows. As an adult, that has now all come back around full circle to goats again, which she raises on the farm along with her 4 dogs, 2 cats, mini pigs and pony. After working in the oilfield for the past decade, Thaney is absolutely thrilled and happy to be working for us, in an atmosphere that is close to her heart.


Maxine Mae-Ann Roberts, Veterinary Technician’s Assistant

Originally born in Vernon, British Columbia, Maxine moved at a young age to the large Waldon Ranch just South of Calgary when she was in grade 5. There she grew up riding horses, working cattle and learning how to be an all-around tough, small, but mighty woman. She moved to Manning in 2019, and just started as the clinic’s new Veterinary Tech’s assistant at the end of May.

Max is a very introverted person who enjoys horseback riding, quadding, reading true crime, tending to her plants and spending time with her daschund, Zoe, who she has dubbed her “cute little psychopath”.


Aldia Wolf, Summer Student 

Ally is our summer student for this 2021 year, though she has been a volunteer with us since she was 13 years old, helping out in our kennels and walking dogs and overall proving herself invaluable. She has lived in Manning since she was 11 months old, having originally been born in Rocky Mountain House, AB. Ally has grown up with all kinds of animals: sheep, pigs, horses, cats and dogs, though she has always had a special place in her heart for her beloved Labs. Currently, she owns two of them; a charcoal-silver lab named Daisy, and a chocolate lab named Ben. She also has two cats and a tortoise, and her family plans to add two more canine additions to the fun very shortly!

Ally has always been passionate about helping animals, and has dreams and plans to pursue a career as a veterinarian technician or a full-fledged veterinarian. In her spare time, you can usually find Ally hunting, fishing, playing with her pets or having a blast while working along side her coworkers here at the clinic.


Clare Taylor, Summer Student 

Clare is our Summer student for the 2022 year. Though she has just recently started officially working for us, Clare has actually been volunteering for the clinic since she was 11 years old! Born and raised in the North country of Alberta, this young lady truly epitomizes what it means to be a cowgirl. She has had horses since she was 7 years old, and is now a competitive barrel racer and roper, with a touch of showmanship thrown in for good measure, and one of the biggest hearts we’ve ever met. Currently she has 4 horses, 2 dogs and 2 cats, and plans to go into a career in equine science and veterinary medicine.

When she is not dutifully working away in the clinic, Clare can be found horseback riding, teaching 4H lessons, or playing her guitar and trumpet.